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Differentiation Tools and Services Designed to Engage Students and Deliver Results

Renzulli Learning’s strengths-based differentiation system is derived from more than 30 years and millions of dollars of educational research conducted in partnership with the University of Connecticut. This research led to the development of Renzulli Learning’s unique tools and services designed to engage any child in a lifetime of learning.

Renzulli Learning Tools and Services include:

  • Renzulli Profiler

    The Renzulli Profiler uses strengths-based assessment to identify a student’s top three interests, learning styles and expression styles — usually in under an hour.

  • Differentiation Engine

    This lesson-planning tool enables teachers to create a highly engaging learning environment that empowers students to achieve more in the classroom for better academic results.

  • Grouping and Reporting Tools

    Renzulli Learning makes it easy for teachers to group and report on their profiled students by their shared strengths, interests, learning and expression styles.

  • Personal Success Plan

    Designed specifically to help middle and high school students develop critical thinking skills, the Renzulli Personal Success Plan shows students how to create tangible academic and career goals and develop plans for achieving those goals.

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