Engage Your Students in the Holidays – and Learning!

The holidays are quickly approaching! Are you looking for something to do that’s FUN and ENGAGING to keep their attention, while embedding important skills and standards? Try this Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt, teaching them critical search skills along the way, and culminating in EXPRESSION STYLE presentations back to classmates! [...]

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Sharing Best Practices: Light Up Someone’s Holiday!

This month’s Best Practice comes from our own Director of Professional Development and Client Support, Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed. Holiday Cards for Our Troops One of my favorite lessons of the school year, repeated each year students were in my G/T class - some from fourth grade all the way [...]

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Tip of the Month: Scaffolding Your Type III Process

As I work with teachers starting their journey with the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and Renzulli Learning, I am often asked about timelines and assessing students’ work. The timeline is completely relative to the age/ability level of the students, how often you meet with them, how long you intend to [...]

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The PD Corner: PBL vs PBL – Does it really matter?

Project - ,  Problem - , and Inquiry-Based-Learning  “PBL” is not a new term, but it is getting a lot of air-time lately as educators strive to teach to the 21st Century learner. “Sage on the Stage” methodologies are being left behind as more and more schools encourage teachers [...]

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Sharing Best Practices: Launching Type III Projects

Launching Type III Projects This month’s Best Practice comes from Mrs. Brittany Motes, a 3-5th Grade Gifted and Talented Teacher, Vernon CT My students frequently work on Type III Independent or Small Group Investigations as part of our instructional time together.  Students love exploring topics of interest and [...]

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October Newsletter

START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY!        Free Course Available     Enrichment for All Students Renzulli Learning and the University of Connecticut have joined forces to bring you free, online, on-demand professional development that will enrich your classroom for all of your students! The training includes nine [...]