Join Us at Confratute!

Join us at Confratute! Looking for your own enrichment opportunity this summer? How about a Conference that’s an Institute with a little Fraternity in between? Confratute is the longest running summer institute on enrichment-based differentiated teaching and has been held at the University of Connecticut for over 40 years! [...]

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Meet the Curators!

The Renzulli Learning Curators are curious educators and life-long learners who are passionate about bringing stimulating new resources and curricular materials to your classrooms. Read on to meet the team and find out some of their favorite RL enrichment resources! Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed. West [...]

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Tip of the Month: Manage Student Data and Ease Student Logins

Single Sign-On Services Does your school use an “SSO” - a single sign-on service - to help your teachers and students easily manage passwords and access technology subscriptions seamlessly? Or are you often frustrated by students forgetting their passwords, using the wrong username, or simply taking too much precious [...]

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Sharing Best Practices: Ready, Set, Renzulli

Ready, Set, Renzulli This month’s Best Practice comes from Dr. Julie Ledford, Gifted & Talented Teacher, from Fort Worth, Texas. In today’s fast-paced world, students need technology skills to keep up with new developments and compete in the workplace. As an educator, it is crucial to integrate these experiences [...]

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Renzulli Learning va in Italia!

Renzulli Learning va in Italia Translated from the Italian article below: "At the Middle School of Contrà Santa Caterina the first section implementing the SEM Model is born. SEM, an acronym that stands for ‘Schoolwide Enrichment Model', is quite literally a model of school enrichment: a pedagogical system that [...]

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Tip of the Month: Reporting Link Issues

Bad Link?? Report It! Did you get an “OOPS Bad Link” error?  Or perhaps landed on a page that does not match the description in Renzulli Learning?  “Report It!” We have made great strides in removing bad links from the Renzulli Learning database, however, the Internet changes daily and [...]

Sharing Best Practices: Type III Investigations

Type III Investigations ~  Focus on Expression Styles & Alternative Audiences This month’s Best Practice comes from Ms. Theresa McKeowan, grades 3-5 Gifted & Talented Teacher from West Hartford, CT. One of the most exciting phases of the Type III Investigation process is creative production! Students love the time [...]

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Joseph S. Renzulli Ranked among the World’s Top 30 Education Professionals

Joseph S. Renzulli Ranked #12 among the World's Top 30 Education Professionals for 2019 Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli, a leading authority in the field of gifted education and the Founder of Renzulli Learning, has been ranked #12 among the World's Top 30 Education Professionals for 2019 according to Global [...]

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February Newsletter

Renzulli Learning Newsletter Content Highlight: March is Women's History Month How can Renzulli Learning help you and your students celebrate Women’s History Month? From historical figures like Rosa Parks to modern day heroines like Malala, celebrate all that women have accomplished! Click the button below for suggested activities!   [...]

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