Enrichment Database

Renzulli Learning provides a safe and personalized way to deliver web content to all students so they can pursue their interests and complete challenging and interesting work.

When a student’s Renzulli Profiler results are applied to the Renzulli Learning curated collection of web-based resources, the system creates playlists of activities for each student based on his or her unique combination of Interests, Expression Styles, and Learning Preferences. These playlists of activities are organized into a searchable and sortable library that gives students agency over their own learning in a safe and age-appropriate environment.

Once a student is profiled, they will have access to their very own personalized database of enrichment activities!  Students are offered activities and resources that are filtered through their Profile results for Interest Areas, Learning Preferences, and Expression Styles.

See your students light up with when given the opportunity to direct their own learning!

Search by Category Type

Students can explore the database by Category to locate resources of different types, with the ability to filter by their top three Interest Areas if they choose.

Search By Subject

The capability to search the Enrichment Database by Subject Area enables teachers to efficiently infuse differentiated activities into their content area curriculum.

Search the Database

Students and teachers alike can perform searches of the database with advanced search features in order to locate specific content, either through the lens of the student profile, or search the entire database of resources.

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