Professional Development

Renzulli Learning believes that teachers are at the heart of good teaching and we can’t underestimate the teacher’s critical role. Teachers need time and resources to build their knowledge base through ongoing Professional Development, structured professional learning communities, coaching and mentoring, and just in-time ongoing training.

Our Professional Development, second to none, has been developed and is based on the research and pedagogy of Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis, the leading experts in the world in the field of creativity, talent development and Project Based Learning and is available and customized to support schools and districts. Renzulli Learning’s unparalleled Professional Development is guiding school leaders in recognizing the potential of their students while preparing students today for the jobs of tomorrow, many of which do not exist today.

Renzulli Learning’s Professional Development services provide proven, accessible classroom applications that model theory into practice for educators. Teachers learn to integrate our standards-based resources in order to maximize student engagement and topic retention. From meeting with community stakeholders, to supplementing existing lessons, to developing a differentiated curriculum with Problem Based Learning, to enhancing offerings for your gifted and talented population, or launching a full Schoolwide Enrichment Model – let our team lead the way!

Phase 1: Explore the Student and Teacher Sites
  • Learn to apply the Five Dimensions of Differentiation across the curriculum through the Renzulli Learning platform
  • Experience the Profiler from a student’s perspective
  • Explore the student site: • Enrichment Activities
  • Portfolio Features
  • Project Based Learning & Project Management
  • Personal Success Plan
  • Discover Classroom Management Tools: Student Rosters, Creating Groups
Phase 2: Deep Dive into the Teacher Site
  • Implement classroom management tools for daily instruction
  • Explore Unit Supplements and Assignment Templates
  • Customize Assignments and Projects based on your curriculum
  • Develop differentiated Lessons that tailor existing lesson plans to student needs
  • Support inquiry-based / Project Based Learning student pursuits
Phase 3: Custom Planning for Your Team
  • Use advanced program features for project management and life planning skills
  • How to use the Manager’s site for user management, reporting, and planning
  • Differentiate instruction with a wide variety of special population initiatives
    • Advanced Academics
    • Talent Development Academics
    • Drop-out Prevention
    • At-Risk Intervention
    • English Language Development
    • Special Education IEP’s