Renzulli Learning’s Project Based Learning

Renzulli Learning provides many pathways to Project Based Learning (PBL), which is based on the Enrichment Triad Model and more than four decades of research from University of Connecticut professors Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis. Students who use PBL are engaged with in-depth research experiences of real world problems that offer enrichment, engagement, and accelerated learning. Renzulli Learning’s Enrichment Database offers students their own personalized differentiated resources, as well as the ability to search the full fifty thousand-plus differentiated resources to support their PBL experiences.

Before School, during school, and after school, teachers and students can integrate the ready made Super Starter Projects into the curriculum or use these templates to customize their own unique project plan. Renzulli Learning’s PBL has been successful in engaging students in community related activities that ignite curiosity and often result in Renzulli Learning community exhibits.

Global Collaboration within Renzulli Learning gives students the opportunity to work collaboratively on Project Based Learning with other participating schools around the world. Participating schools will partner-up with schools on an opt-in basis through Renzulli Learning. Students can be grouped into PBL enrichment clusters based upon any criteria within the system including interests, learning styles, expression styles, or can be sorted into custom groups by teachers. Students develop advanced learning and executive function skills which include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, time management, and creativity skills. The projects culminate with a group presentation in which students will present their work to an authentic audience.

Renzulli Learning offers Professional Development to support your PBL efforts and is based on the research and pedagogy of Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis. Their Enrichment Triad Model and Schoolwide Enrichment Models are among the most widely used and researched enrichment programs in the world and are the basis for advanced PBL opportunities, including both individual exploration and small group projects. 

By giving students the power of choice and voice, the result is a higher level of engagement that more closely mirrors real life settings. Renzulli Learning’s unparalleled Project Based Learning is guiding school leaders in recognizing the potential of their students, preparing students today for the jobs of tomorrow, many of which do not exist today.

Explore Examples of Student’s Projects:

Student’s Name: Sena
From: Japan
Topic: Women in STEM
Student’s Name: Siddarth
From: India
Topic: Plastic Reduction Proposal
Student’s Name: Sofia
From: Russia
Topic: Where Can We Get New Skin From?
Student’s Name: Ben
From: United States
Topic: The Pneumo-Solar Engine
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