Renzulli Learning Technology

Renzulli Learning is an online teaching tool that provides personalized learning for students. The system helps teachers to save time and to instruct students more effectively. Renzulli enables educators to easily differentiate instruction and leverages student motivation to achieve enhanced academic performance.

Renzulli Learning is an Internet based Software As A Service (SAAS) platform.
  • Is an online learning tool that is accessed through the Internet and web browser.
  • Does not require software, downloads, or software maintenance fees.
  • Is easily integrated into all grade level curriculum and state and/or instructional standards.
  • Offers Free, Online and On-site training options.
  • Can be implemented using your institution’s current technology infrastructure.
  • Is easily integrated with other LMS tools through SAML, etc.
System Infrastructure

The services are supported by commercially reasonable redundant infrastructure including:

  • Power infrastructure that includes redundant sources (multiple power feeds, generators, battery backups), multiple power distribution systems, and redundant power supplies;
  • Environmental controls that include highly available precision HVAC systems, humidity controls, and water detection systems;
  • Network infrastructure that includes multiple Internet Service Providers, redundant edge routers, firewalls, and switches;
  • Hardware and software redundancy in support of virtualized and physical servers;
  • Storage solutions that provide redundant back end data storage.
  • Renzulli Learning maintains a disaster recovery site where Licensee’s data is replicated on a regular basis.
Technical Change Management

Renzulli Learning maintains change management system to ensure review and controlled implementation of changes that:

  • Renzulli Learning may make from time to time in the support of the services.
  • Changes require both a risk analysis and a peer review before being implemented in Renzulli Learning infrastructure
Security & Privacy

Renzulli Learning takes great care to protect non-public information provided to us by our customers. Renzulli Learning may have access to non-public information from multiple sources that include:

  • Directly from use of one of Renzulli Learning hosted applications.
  • Directly from a customer’s designated service representative or indirectly via batch data transfers.
  • In the course of transactional activities as information is updated or processed by a Renzulli Learning hosted application, or through data maintenance activities.
  • Other sources as defined by one of our solutions.

Renzulli Learning has implemented a defense-in-depth strategy to protect non-public information. This strategy is based upon best-practices designed to comply with applicable laws and regulations and is based upon widely accepted industry standards. Our security management system is based on the following:

  • Security Policies: We require that all employees be responsible for the security of non-public information and follow the practices defined within the Information Security Management System.
  • Information Security Organization: Renzulli Learning management is committed to security and has established an organization responsible for the security of non-public information.
  • Asset Management: All assets are strictly controlled and all information is classified in order to determine the appropriate controls required for access and handling.
  • Human Resources Security Practices: In the US, Renzulli Learning conducts a comprehensive background check and screening at the time each employee is hired and requires that employees maintain familiarity and compliance with security responsibilities. When employees leave, a formal process is established to remove their physical and virtual access to the Renzulli Learning infrastructure.
  • Physical and Environmental Security: Renzulli Learning places critical components in physically controlled spaces with best-practices in place to secure infrastructure. Physical and environmental security measures include card and/or biometric access controls, and limited access to secure locations based on job function.
  • Communication and Operations Management: Renzulli Learning has implemented strong operational procedures to protect information. Our controls surrounding system planning, protection from malicious code, backup processes, network security, media handling and exchange of information are constantly being analyzed and monitored to insure they provide reasonable protection for your data. Third party service providers with access to confidential information are required to adhere to security and privacy requirements that are consistent with and at least as restrictive as Renzulli Learning own policies and procedures regarding the protection of confidential information.

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