Enrichment for All Students:

From Foundational Methods to Practical Strategies with Renzulli Learning

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Learn directly from the legendary Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis as they instruct you on their highly acclaimed Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) for working both with identified gifted populations as well as providing engaging enrichment opportunities for all students.
Renzulli Learning supports teachers as they implement facets of SEM. This course covers the foundational methods of Renzulli & Reis methodologies, as well as practical aspects of using Renzulli Learning in your classroom.
Through the course, you will proceed at your own pace through three modules:
  • Module 1~ Renzulli 101: An Overview of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model with Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis
  • Module 2 ~ Using the Renzulli Learning Platform: The Basics
  • Module 3 ~ Diving Deeper in Renzulli Learning: Working with Curriculum
Teachers who complete the entire training along with the quizzes and performance tasks will be eligible for a certificate of completion with professional development contact hours from the University of Connecticut.* The course is designed in a sequence from foundational methods through practical strategies and skills in the software, however you are able to jump around and watch the lectures you would like in any order, with or without completing the course in its entirety for the certificate.
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*Participants are eligible to receive a Certificate documenting Contact Hours issued by the University of Connecticut. It is the participant’s responsibility to determine if their home state/agency/professional association recognizes Contact Hours. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not offered by the University of Connecticut. The University of Connecticut is not responsible for the design, development or delivery of this program