Personal Success Plan

The Renzulli Learning Personal Success Plan (PSP) is a research-based, goal-oriented assessment and treatment tool designed to encourage students to think, dream, and succeed. It provides proven instructional strategies that raise achievement values in test scores, grades, and attendance.

The PSP helps students to identify their interests, understand how to develop these interests into talents, associate themselves with role models, and — ultimately — create meaningful, attainable goals and plans.

By supporting students’ individual social and academic goals, The Personal Success Plan gives them the incentive and ambition to succeed. Students are introduced to a variety of careers and project ideas — both traditional and unique — that match their own interests and expression styles.

Each student’s interests, heroes and helpers, and career ideas help guide the establishment of plans and goals, which he or she starts to attain by developing appropriate projects. This plan provides students with a roadmap of achievable tasks that head the way to proven results and personal success.

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