Testimonials About Renzulli Learning

“Renzulli Learning makes teaching and differentiation easier for me!” Marcia, Wrights Mill Road Elementary School, Auburn, AL

“One hesitates using the word revolutionary in this day of technological advancements by the hour; but the word did occur to me as I reviewed the Renzulli Learning System. It provides a new level of differentiation and engagement.” – John Lounsbury, National Middle School Association Georgia State University

“It’s like having a dozen teaching assistants in my classroom all day, every day,” Tom, Nathan Hale Middle School, Coventry, CT

“Renzulli Learning has provided me with the tools, insight, and knowledge I need to be more effective as a teacher. I am able to meet my students’ academic, social, and emotional needs in a way that also satisfies the requirements set by my school administration to obtain and use student data, as well as fosters my belief of educating the whole child with realistic experiences…the Personal Success Plan provides the scaffolding students need to become conscious of their experiences and choose the direction of their lives…” – New York City Public Schools

“…the kids are SO EXCITED….they love Renzulli!” – Brisco Elementary, Houston ISO, Texas

“Juan is a 5th grade student who was both gifted and oppositional defiant. He frequently had emotional, angry, and sometimes violent outbursts, occurring as frequently as every 15 minutes. Once he began using Renzulli Learning, Juan flourished! Renzulli provided him with the freedom and autonomy to make his own choices about what he could learn and yet gave him with a sense of structure. Juan’s performance improved from CID work to B/C work. Juan’s social interaction improved as he formed two friendships by sharing Renzulli activities. Positive student-teacher interactions increased from 25% of the time, prior to Renzulli, to 75% of the time, after using Renzulli.” – Pflugerville School District, Texas

“At Highland Elementary, many of our teachers enjoy using the engaging lessons offered on Renzulli. We have found that our students are interested in the high level lessons, and they enjoy the variety of activities, from online explorations, to games, to thematic units. Our teachers are able to save so much time searching for quality online content, as the hard work has already been done!” – Highland Elementary, Mesa School District, Arizona

“He is a non-reader (he cannot read at all due to a traumatic brain injury) and I have never seen him as excited as I did when he was able to do the African American Heroes game because it had picture cards. Once he was able to see the cards… knew who the African American person was and what they contributed to American History, I was almost in tears. Now he is more involved in learning and excited about his future.” – Crabapple Middle School, Fulton County, Georgia

“Before Renzulli, I spent 20-30 hours preparing an insect research project for my 1st grade students. I would search Google for resources, then edit them so that they were age-appropriate, print them and hand them out to my students. This year , using the Renzulli Learning System, I spent about 2 hours of preparation time total. I knew the resources identified by the system were educationally sound, age-appropriate, engaging and ready-to-go.” – Riverbluff Elementary, Central USO, California

“Since Renzulli has been introduced to me, my technology centers have been a “breeze” to set up—-1 set up various Renzulli activities based on the topic we are studying—the kids LOVE it!” – Tara Elementary, Manatee County Schools, Florida

“I demonstrated how to access Renzulli Learning on a cell phone to the students that I mentor. Although students are not usually permitted to use cell phones in school, an exception has been made. The health teachers have instituted a creative wrap-up at the end of class, periodically challenging students to find Renzulli activities on their cells phones and share them with the class.” – Johnson Junior High, Clark County School District, Nevada

” …there is a type of student that I’ve been able to reach through Renzulli. I have a few students who are “pleasers” and will rarely give constructive feedback or state an opinion that may challenge what the teacher wants to hear. I have found that through Renzulli, these students have discovered a voice.” – Southwest Elementary, Durham, North Carolina

“The classes have just begun using Renzulli Learning and student interest and engagement is peaking. Students who were 25% engaged in the activities they were doing during tutoring sessions made the leap to being 95% engaged in the activity at hand when using the Renzulli Learning System.” – J.P. Elder Middle School, Fort Worth ISO, Texas

“My students work with Renzulli using a great sense of freedom and choice. They absolutely live for it! I am emailed constantly by blood thirsty students to” please send more e-books”. Some of these students did not even want to read. (Now) they will read e-books. Their world (has been) opened to social issues, economic theories and higher level thinking. They have become computer savvy and often request enrichment support when they are struggling. I can group and transport what each student needs at the touch of a key stroke. Some people come in my classroom and say this is amazing. Is this a top class? My response is…now it is!!!” – Teacher PS/MS147Q, New York City Public Schools

“In conjunction with our fifth grade Epidemic Unit, the Renzulli Learning system enhanced my instruction by allowing my students to participate in real life simulations … This activity allowed my students to become future scientists, historians and detectives without leaving the computer lab.” – Barnwell  Elementary, Fulton County Schools, Georgia

“Renzulli was used primarily to establish learning profiles for each student which was then shared with parents, teachers and the students themselves. This became the springboard for their self awareness and assisted in helping them develop strategic plans for test taking and study skills. For the motivational section, every faculty and staff member in our building took a child to “mentor” over the 12 week period. Even our custodial and cafeteria staff participated! Each week they would send the student a motivational and encouraging email via the Renzulli student mail.” – Fairview Elementary, Habersham County Schools, Georgia

“One hesitates using the word revolutionary in this day of hourly technological advancements, but the word did occur to me as I reviewed the Renzulli Learning System. It provides a new level of differentiation and engagement.” – National Middle School Association Georgia College & State University