Case Studies on Renzulli Learning

Teachers’ Time, Technology, And Resources For Talent Development

The four step differentiation model offered by the Renzulli Learning System dramatically increases student engagement, which has been proven to increase students’ overall academic performance.

Leveraging Student Strengths Through Renzulli Learning Schoolwide Enrichment Model

The Bayside Enrichment and Long Distance Learning (BELL) Academy is a cutting-edge public middle school that integrates computer and videoconferencing technologies into the curriculum and takes a student-centered, project- based learning approach to instruction. With the Renzulli Learning Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) at its center, BELL determines the interests, aptitudes, strengths and talents of students and crafts an engaging, individualized instructional pathway for each learner.

Renzulli Learning Empowers Gifted Youngsters with 21st Century Skills

In the fall of 2009, Judge Charles Vallone Elementary School (P.S. 85) in Queens, New York, became home to the S.T.E.M. Academy, a borough-wide gifted and talented program. With a mission to instill confidence in students and arm them with the skills for success in the 21st century, the S.T.E.M. Academy crafted a program integrating technology, project-based learning, authentic assessment, and a student-centered approach to instruction for high engagement and accelerated growth.

Using Renzulli Learning to Help Enrichment Curriculum and Get Students Excited About Learning

When Louis Pavone joined the school as principal, at P.S. 78Q The Robert F. Wagner, Jr. School, in 2006, he saw an opportunity to expand the school’s use of the system to every teacher and student with the goals of facilitating differentiated learning, extending the school’s curriculum, getting parents more involved, and engaging students so that they would have more fun while applying and deepening their learning.

Differentiated Instruction and Project-Based Learning

When the advisory board and administration in one of the Diocese of Brooklyn Catholic Schools’ elementary schools wanted to implement a tool to help apply, deepen, and extend their school’s curriculum, they turned to Renzulli Learning. The school is now able to personalize learning as they understand students by their strengths and interests, and plan lessons using differentiated, project-based lessons. As a result, the schools are seeing more involved students, inspired teachers, excited parents, and an impressed community.