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Happy Holidays from all of us at Renzulli Learning! We are delighted to announce we have extended our Free Trial to 90 days based upon requests from teachers and their desire to pilot Renzulli Learning’s enhanced PBL functionality. This longer time period will allow teachers the time to fully explore the system with their students and enjoy the benefits of Renzulli Learning. We look forward to hearing about your Renzulli Learning explorations!
  Teaching Tips

Engage Your Students in the Holidays
The holidays are quickly approaching! Are you looking for something to do that’s FUN and ENGAGING to keep your students’ attention, while embedding important skills and standards?
Try this Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt, teaching them critical search skills along the way, and culminating in EXPRESSION STYLE presentations back to classmates!
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 Spotlight on Sources

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like the Holidays!
Our curators have once again been hard at work scouring the Internet to bring you some of the most engaging Holiday resources and activities to share with your students.
Search the Enrichment Database for “Holidays” and see what amazing enrichment opportunities you can find!
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Light Up Someone’s Holiday
his month’s Best Practice comes from our own Director of Professional Development and Client Support, Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed.
For mmany years my students participated in an engaging and creative service project at holiday time. They researched holidays, practiced their creative writing skills, then got crafty to send a smile across the globe to our servicemen and women who cannot come home for the holidays.
Renzulli Learning can launch your students into a short-term, quick “win” service project, too!
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  Relevant Reading

How to Lead Students to Engage in Higher Order Thinking

At the heart of Renzulli Learning is Project Based Learning, centered on a real-world Problem.
To engage students in PBL is to reach levels of higher-order thinking. This article from Edutopia provides wonderful tips as you extend learning in your classroom beyond the typical drill
& kill instructional methods, whether towards a work of literature or embarking on Type III investigative research!

Asking students a series of essential questions at the start of a course signals that deep engagement is a requirement.

Essential questions—a staple of project-based learning—call on students’ higher
order thinking and connect their lived experience with important texts and ideas. A thinking inventory is a carefully curated set of about 10 essential questions of various types, and completing one is the first thing I ask students to do in every course I

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 Noteworthy News
Best Global Education Gurus for 2020
Dr. Joseph Renzulli is once more nominated for the Global Gurus World’s Top 30 Education Professionals. If Joe’s teachings have made a profound impact on you, your team, or your organization, please vote  today!
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