Have you tried creating a Differentiated Lesson yet – so that each student is offered the resources best suited for them?

Did you know that you can narrow your search results by adding your own custom subtopic? 
  1. Go to the Teach Tab/Lessons/New Lessons.
  2. Select your desired Grade Level.
  3. Select a Subject Area – try Math, Science, and Language Arts!
  4. For Topic, select Create Your Own and enter “Halloween.”
  5. Click Customize to review the Resources and you can choose to Require or Exclude certain ones. Click Next.
  6. You can add Assessment Questions if you wish (KWL, choose from a list, or write your own). Click Next.
  7. Type specific directions for your students, select dates, and select your Students. Note that you can filter by your created Groups here and can revise the Title by clicking the little pencil at the top.
  8. Click Preview to review the Lesson, or Save to hang onto it as a Draft until you are ready to Assign it to your students!