Differentiated Assignments

Because children learn more when instruction is tailored to their abilities and interests, one of the most effective — and most challenging — pedagogic practices is differentiating instruction. Renzulli Learning’s Differentiation Engine allows educators to differentiate automatically in three easy steps, for all grades, abilities, and subjects. For teachers, Renzulli Learning makes differentiating as easy as choosing options from three series of drop-down menus concerning subject, topic, assessment preferences, and due date.

This lesson-planning tool enables teachers to create a highly engaging learning environment that empowers students to achieve more in the classroom for better academic results. Based on student information from the Renzulli Profiler, as well as the teacher’s input, the Differentiation Engine selects from more than 40,000 activities, building Web-based lessons.

When students log into Renzulli Learning, they see a unique, personalized lesson library filled with:

  • Unique, differentiated activities
  • Engaging, interest-based resources
  • Assessment questions (if desired)
    • KWL questions
    • Pre-written questions
    • Teacher-created questions

The lesson planning and differentiation tool enables teachers to differentiate and disseminate a lesson in as little as 15 minutes. Teachers can customize the assignments to their curricular needs as well as share collaboratively with their colleagues. They can create and differentiate their own lessons or use the RLS ready-made assignments, projects, and unit supplements with linked resources.

For truly individualized learning at the highest levels, students can use the Wizard Project Maker feature to focus their interests as they pursue advanced level work through problem-based learning, also known as Renzulli Type III projects.

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