The Renzulli Profiler

Renzulli Learning provides an easy and efficient way to differentiate instruction and personalize learning for all students.

Differentiating and personalizing instruction begins with understanding students interests, their likes and dislikes, the ways they like to communicate, and the ways they like to learn. When students are matched with highly customized learning opportunities that appeal to them individually, they display greater engagement, deeper learning, and increased motivation.

Reflecting more then 40 years of research and used with students across the world, the Renzulli Profiler uncovers each student’s unique “Profile” through a series of questions about his or her interests and preferred ways of communicating and learning.

Students log into Renzulli Learning, complete the Renzulli Profiler, and the result is a comprehensive digital snapshot of each student’s interests, learning styles, and expression styles. Available for grades PreK-12, the Renzulli Profiler allows teachers to achieve a better understanding of their students and helps to increase engagement in learning, leading to higher academic achievement.

In the online assessment, the questions on the Renzulli Profiler identify student’s top three areas in each of the following categories:
  • Interest Areas
  • Learning Styles
  • Expression Styles
  • Academic Achievement Levels

“Renzulli Learning is the most original and practical resource for classroom differentiation I have seen.  The student profiles and a wealth of material in the system make it much easier to challenge students in any curricular area.”

– Sandra N. Kaplan, University of Southern California

Global Profiler

The benefit of the translations for schools is that students can take the Renzulli Profiler in their native language and teachers can see the results in the school’s language of instruction. As increasing numbers of students around the world speak languages other than their school’s language of instruction, educators are faced with the challenge of understanding students they may have difficulty communicating with.

Renzulli Learning offers a solution to this challenge, as students take the Profiler in their native language and the teacher can see it in their school’s language of instruction. The Profiler is an incredible global solution for increasing engagement in learning.

View our Profile Results in Multiple Languages:
To learn more about the multi-language capabilities of Renzulli Learning, please visit Renzulli ELL Accelerator.
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