Renzulli ELL Accelerator Benefits

Renzulli Learning is an online teaching tool that provides personalized learning for students. The system helps teachers to save time and to instruct students more effectively. Renzulli enables educators to easily differentiate instruction and leverages student motivation to achieve enhanced academic performance.

The Renzulli Learning System is the technology platform of the Renzulli ELL Accelerator.

The Renzulli ELL Accelerator provides teachers with the ability to:
  • Easily Personalize Instruction for ELL students
  • Manage Project Based Learning Activities for individual students or groups
  • Team ELL students with Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) and manage their assignments
  • Facilitate Scaffolding of English Language Learners and Struggling Readers by leveraging a personalized learning plan
  • Infuse personalized learning activities for ELLs in any subject
  • Differentiate ELL students and assign learning activities tailored to their ability and strengths
  • Enable ELL students to work from home through Renzulli Learning’s Online Student Portal
  • Encourage parental support and learning through our Parent Portal

Renzulli’s ELL Accelerator produces superior achievement for all students and provides an easy to use differentiation system for teachers.

Benefits to Administrators:
  • Cost effective personalized learning solution for ELLs
  • Easy differentiation and personalized learning
  • Time savings for teachers
  • Robust grouping, and project based learning management system
  • Higher achievement in literacy and mathematics

Close the Achievement Gap with Renzulli ELLA!

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