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Using Renzulli Learning With Primary Grades

This month’s Best Practice comes from Mrs. Toni Kubousek, Renzulli Learning Professional Development Specialist and Content Curator. Toni was a first grade teacher and administrator in Tampa, FL before joining the Renzulli Learning team in 2006!

Engage your primary level students in writing practice with live animal cams, while building habits to make smoother transitions between classes!

Requesting Best Practices!

Have you tried something new in Renzulli Learning that went well with your students? We’d love to share your Best Practices with other Renzulli Teachers! Please send an email to our Director of Professional Development, Jeanne Pascon at [email protected], with a paragraph or two, a photo or short video if you’d like (with parental permission for students shown), and any applicable links to content or products created.

Teaching Tips

Engage Your Students with Expression Style Groups to

Celebrate Black History Month

Are you looking for an engaging activity to highlight Black History Month with your students? How about grouping them by Expression Styles and letting them select a famous African American (or two or three) to present to the class? Check out the Professional Development Blog, Engage Your Students with Expression Style Groups to Celebrate Black History Month for resources and directions. There is something to appeal to all Interest Areas!

Tweet your pictures and/or videos to @RenzulliLearn with #BlackHistoryandRL for sharing!

Spotlight on Sources

Reading Across America is Coming March 2nd!

March 2nd is Read Across America Day! Renzulli Learning has amazing resources and activities to help you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and get your students excited about reading! Head on over to the Teacher Site, click on Teach/Search, type in “Dr. Seuss”, then check off the grade and ability levels for your students to find the most relevant resources.

Check out the “One Fish, Two Fish” Read Aloud, have students watch an interview with Audrey Geisel, or play a math game with The Cat in the Hat. No matter which resource you choose, you will be able to enhance your students’ participation and joy in Read Across America Day!

Helpful Hints

New Beta Project Wizard

Have you noticed the “Beta Project Wizard” button in our PBL module for the Project Wizard? Check it out and be one of the first to start using this cutting edge project organizer with your students!

Please tell us what you think by clicking the button below.

Warm Welcome

FLAG Raffle Winner

A warm welcome to the Renzulli Learning family goes out to Brooke Hobbs from the Florida A&M University Developmental Research School! Brooke, the FAMU Gifted and Talented Coordinator, won a Renzulli Learning site license with professional development from the Florida Association for the Gifted conference. We look forward to working with you, Brooke, and hearing about all of your successes with Renzulli Learning!

Relevant Reading

Excerpt from Addressing the “Gifted Gap”: Three Strategies

by Joy Lawson Davis for the Fordham Institute

As an educational community, we are constantly analyzing our strengths and weaknesses to determine how well we are meeting the needs of all students. Often, we measure our performance in terms of ‘growth’ and ‘gaps’. Gifted education equity advocates, school personnel, and policymakers are always on the alert for new information addressing gaps in performance and opportunities for students who are typically underserved in gifted programs. We are often discouraged when new studies or reports indicate that we are not progressing and making positive change occur for students as rapidly as we should.

A recent study reported that across the nation, black and Hispanic students continue to be under-served in gifted programs at an alarming rate. Actually, the report notes that only three of the nation’s state data indicate equitable services for black and Hispanic students.

Noteworthy News

For Our Friends in Baltimore City Public Schools

A shout out to Baltimore City Public School’s Renzulli Learning Teacher of the Month, Felicity Ross, for having the highest utilization in the district. Keep up the great work, Felicity!

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