Georgia Association for Gifted Children Partnership

Renzulli Learning and the Georgia Association for Gifted Children have established a partnership to share their resources with homes and classrooms for gifted, talented, twice-exceptional, and all students. Renzulli Learning helps to increase a child’s engagement in learning by focusing on their strengths, empowering children as they direct their own learning, leading to increased self-efficacy and increased self-confidence. The purpose and mission of GAGC remain the same with its focus on service to Georgia’s gifted students, gifted education teachers, parents of gifted students, and service to the community.

GAGC’s Purpose is to:

  • Promote an awareness of the needs of Georgia’s gifted students.
  • Stimulate among educational administrators, teachers, parents, legislators, the business community, and others of the general public, a deeper understanding of and interest in the needs of the gifted.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among the organization.
  • Encourage and stimulate the best possible training for gifted educators.
  • Encourage and stimulate research in the area of gifted education, particularly in the State of Georgia

Educator Pathway

Educators are invited to sign up for a Renzulli Learning classroom 6 month free trial.

Through your free trial, you will have access to our Renzulli Learning Enrichment for All Students Course, which includes a certificate of completion from the University of Connecticut for nine contact hours, a $1,000 value.

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Parent Pathway

Renzulli Learning is pleased to provide GAGC family members with a one-year free subscription to Renzulli Learning Home Edition, a $49 value.

If you are a family, please fill out the form on this page using the promo code you were provided when you registered with GAGC to get started today.