The Renzulli Learning Curators are curious educators and life-long learners who are passionate about bringing stimulating new resources and curricular materials to your classrooms. Read on to meet the team and find out some of their favorite RL enrichment resources!

Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed.
West Hartford, CT

Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed. is the Director of Professional Development and Client Support for Renzulli Learning and as such manages the Curation Team. An educator for 25 years, she has been a classroom teacher, technology specialist, and teacher for gifted & talented in both Canton and West Hartford, Connecticut. She has guided hundreds of students through Type III Investigations and developed curriculum to support the Enrichment Triad Model as well as creativity development.

Jeanne is passionate about working with teachers to bring personalized learning and creativity development to classrooms around the globe through the Renzulli Learning platform.  One of her favorite Renzulli Learning resources is “NASA Space Place” – learn all about the Earth and our solar system, and all the tools that scientists use to explore it!

Brittany Motes, M.Ed.
Portland, CT

Brittany Motes, M.Ed. is the Renzulli Learning Content Coordinator.  An educator for 11 years, she has been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and teacher for gifted & talented in Louisiana, New York State, and Connecticut. Brittany is passionate about sharing the level of personalized learning and creativity development that Renzulli Learning offers her students. Her favorite Renzulli Learning resource is New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “MetKids” – she loves sharing this resource with students and taking them to a place many of them would never get to go in person!

Tom Dzicek
Ellington, CT

Tom Dzicek is a retired teacher of the gifted and talented in CT.  He was one of the first to pilot the Renzulli Learning System in his school back in the early 2000’s.  After retirement, Tom went to work for Renzulli Learning in the early years as a professional development trainer. He is really excited to be back working with the new team to train teachers and help build up the Enrichment Database!

Some of Tom’s favorite Renzulli activities:

Toni Kubousek, M.Ed.
Tampa, FL

Toni Kubousek. M.Ed. has been in education for her entire professional career as a regular classroom teacher, gifted facilitator, and administrator.  Toni received her bachelor’s in Education from the University of Tampa and Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Scranton. In addition, she designed and implemented a gifted program at St. Lawrence Catholic School in Tampa Florida.  It is her adoption of Renzulli Learning in her schools that lead her to become a Professional Development Consultant for Renzulli Learning in the Southeast region of the United States.

By joining Renzulli Learning at the beginning of its creation and her mentoring by Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis, Toni has assisted thousands of teachers and administrators with differentiation and School Wide Enrichment.  Her Professional Development sessions resulted in educators walking away with strategies in providing students meaningful and joyful learning.

Toni is now semi-retired enjoying life and her beautiful grandchildren, who by the way, love Renzulli Learning!  Toni’s favorite sites are Build Your Wildself, Turning the Pages, and the San Diego Zoo, just to name a few.

Maria Schweyer, M.Ed.
Watertown, CT

Maria Schweyer, an educator for 18 years, began her career as a fourth grade teacher in Canton, CT. After five years as a classroom teacher, her role changed to Enrichment Specialist, and for the following five years she worked with teachers to help them meet the needs of all learners in their heterogeneous classrooms. It was in this position that she also worked with students that were identified as academically gifted to guide them through creativity training as well as Type III Investigations.  

Now back in the classroom, Maria is currently a second grade teacher in Watertown, CT. She has been using Renzulli Learning with her second graders as a way to enrich the curriculum and provide her students with differentiated learning opportunities.

Maria worked for Renzulli Learning as a curator when it was first being developed, and is happy to be back on the team to refresh and renew the resources for today’s students. Maria’s favorite website to visit is the Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Web Cams – her students love to watch the sea otters, penguins, and sharks!

Janette H. Tagle, BEED

Janette completed her Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Education and is finishing her Masters Degree in Classroom Management. She has been a public school teacher in the Philippines and is usually assigned to schools in remote areas and mountainous regions. Janette is a happily married woman and a mother of two, while working as a Data Specialist and Curator for Renzulli Learning. She is a big fan of french proverbs and one of her favorites is “Learning is the eye of the mind.” Her favorite Renzulli Learning resource is National Women’s History Museum’s, “Why are So Many Teachers Women?”