New School Year Transition – Have you done it yet?

As your students walk through the door with their shiny lunch boxes and new sneakers, you realize that you do not want to waste ANY time in getting to know what makes them tick. What’s the best way? With the Renzulli Profiler of course!

If your school has a software roster management system such as Clever or ClassLink, the transition should be seamless for you. If not, someone in your school or district needs to initiate the New School Year Transition process.

The New School Year Transition includes transferring your graduating class, updating your faculty, promoting remaining students, and registering new students. This process is not difficult and Renzulli Learning will walk you through it, step by step. From the Manager’s Site, see the Resources Menu and click New School Year Quick Start, or click here. The New School Year Transition process can be found under the Administrative Tools menu on the Manager’s Site.

Additionally, students may need to be reassigned to new teachers. This can be accomplished through several methods.

  • Students can login, go to their account information in the upper right hand corner by clicking their name, and deselect/select teachers as appropriate.
  • Teachers can use the My Students tab/Manage Students/Update Student Roster list to deselect/select students as appropriate.
  • Managers can assist with this process under Manage Users & Accounts. Go to the school Roster, access the Teachers through the school Roster, click a teacher’s last name, then click the green “Affiliate Students” button and deselect/select students as appropriate.

Please reach out to us for support as needed at [email protected], 203-680-8301, or from the Teacher’s Site Help Tab, Contact Us Online form.

We hope that you had a rejuvenating summer and are eagerly anticipating the new school year as much as we are. The Renzulli Learning Team is here to support your personalized learning and differentiation efforts every step of the way!