Partnering with Parents ~ Just in Time for Conferences!

This month’s Best Practice comes from Mrs. Maria Schweyer, second grade teacher from Watertown, CT.

Do you want to partner with parents for the success of your students? Renzulli Learning makes it easy with the Parent Portal!

Once you have Profiled your students, print out the Profiler to share with parents during Parent-Teacher Conferences. They give you a wonderful launching point for your conversation and parents will be impressed by how well you have gotten to know their child!

Be sure to include the customizable Parent Welcome Letter and Parent QuickStart Directions – which you can find under the Resource Tab – so that they can go home and register for the Renzulli Learning Parent Portal. All they need is their child(ren)’s username and password so that their account will be linked to their child(ren). Parents will then be able to view their child’s work in Renzulli Learning!

Special Tip: for ELL students, send the Profiler home in their native language!

Requesting Best Practices!

Have you tried something cool in Renzulli Learning that went well with your students? We’d love to share your Best Practices with other Renzulli Teachers!  Please send an email to our Director of Professional Development, Jeanne Pascon at [email protected], with a paragraph or two, a photo if you’d like (with parental permission for students shown), and any applicable links to content or products created.