Renzulli Learning Project Showcase

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Renzulli Learning includes a Project Showcase module which enables students to upload videos, images, or project documents to highlight their work.

The Project Showcase feature can be utilized for any type of project or event, including:

  • Renzulli Enrichment Triad Type III Projects
  • After School Programs
  • Capstone Projects
  • Clubs
  • Community Service
  • Competitions and Contests
  • Fine Arts
  • Future Problem Solvers
  • Genius Hour Projects
  • Global Collaboration Projects
  • Passion Projects
  • Performing Arts
  • Summer Programs
  • STEM
  • Visual Arts
  • Virtual Fair
Students, teachers and parents with security access to view records in Renzulli Learning can view the Project Showcase.  Student projects are also stored internally within Renzulli Learning, which ensures a secure and safe presentation environment. This feature is included in Renzulli Learning at no additional cost. Join the school districts across the USA and around the world who are taking advantage of this fantastic Project Showcase, including:
  • Alexandria Public Schools, Virginia, USA
  • The American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Cedar Hill ISD, Texas, USA
  • Hawaii Department of Education, Hawaii, USA
  • Houston ISD, Texas, USA
  • Los Angeles ISD, California, USA
  • North Colonie CSD, New York, USA
  • Norwalk School District, Connecticut, USA
  • Sheldon ISD, Texas, US

By working hand-in-hand with LightEdge, Renzulli Learning quickly developed a solution for enhancing the platform infrastructure to support unpredictable, scalable user growth securely together in a matter of weeks. This partnership between the school district, Renzulli Learning, and LightEdge additionally resulted in the development of a brand-new product functionality that has become a key reason schools worldwide are purchasing the system.
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Houston ISD Creates Phenomenal Projects for Renzulli Learning’s First Virtual Expo!!

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“Amid everything happening, in order to keep our GT scholars engaged over the summer months, Cedar Hill ISD has decided to implement their GT Project Showcase on our Renzulli platform!  We are excited to have a place for our scholars and families to share their work with other scholars and families and to share the wonderful innovative ideas they have regarding real-life situations.  The scholars will upload their completed Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) into the Renzulli Type III Project Platform so that other scholars can login and see their work. This will be our very first virtual fair and we are excited about the outcome!”

Natalie M. Garrett, District Coordinator of Advanced Academics, Cedar Hill ISD

“We are excited to launch a virtual platform to showcase HISD GT scholars and their work. This Virtual GT Expo is a landmark opportunity to display our scholars’ extended and independent investigative work in their respective fields of inquiry and interest.

Tia N. Locke-Simmons, Director, Gifted and Talented Education