Introducing Students to Renzulli Learning with
Happy Dreamer, by Peter H. Reynolds

This month’s Best Practice comes from Ms. Erin Roads, a fifth grade teacher  from Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School, in New London, CT.  

Activity: Introductory Read Aloud with Scholastic PDF activities to do prior to taking the Renzulli Learning Profiler

Reading Comprehension Skills:
Author’s Purpose, Making Inferences, Theme, Text to Self

  1. I introduced the title of the book by asking students to describe what kind of thoughts about themselves made them happy. When they daydream, what are they doing?
  2. While reading, we stopped at various points and I asked students if they could identify with the character in the book and to provide their own examples of their dreams.
  3. After completing the book, I asked them to think about what sort of dreamer they are.
  4. They wrote their name on a post it and stuck it onto the Happy Dreamer Poster example (included n the link below, and printed as a large poster to hang on the wall) that best describes them, which will also help me to group them later by interests.
  5. They were then eager to complete the “I am a ______ Dreamer” picture (included in the link below).
  6. When we finished, students shared their pictures with the class.
  7. Students enjoyed cutting out the motivational fortune teller (included in the link below) that goes along with the story, learning how to fold them, and using them together.
  8. In conclusion, the class had a discussion that there are infinite possibilities to our dreams. When thinking about our unique interests, talents and hopes for the future, there are no limits. I explained to them that they would be taking the Renzulli Learning Profiler next, which was going to help them get to know themselves a little more, in regards to how they learn and how they would best demonstrate their learning. We also discussed how everyone is unique and that we all can offer a special perspective to any given topic.

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