Ready, Set, Renzulli

This month’s Best Practice comes from Dr. Julie Ledford, Gifted & Talented Teacher, from Fort Worth, Texas.

In today’s fast-paced world, students need technology skills to keep up with new developments and compete in the workplace. As an educator, it is crucial to integrate these experiences and embed technological literacy within lessons. Teachers can use online learning systems to add this element easily to their classroom. Even with primary grades, simple lesson templates can be adapted for young participants and modified to serve their needs.

As a teacher of gifted students, I am always looking for new ways to enrich lessons. When I participated in Renzulli training years ago, I knew this would work with my presentation style and curious students who enjoy exploring new topics. As technology becomes more available in educational settings, it is important to keep up with necessary skills for careers in the community. Younger children can easily adapt to new knowledge and frequently respond positively to opportunities.

I am fortunate to have daily experience with children of all grade levels during my job as a traveling enrichment specialist. Originally, I was hesitant to use online platforms with students in the primary grades. However, here are some easy tips to help you get started with using techniques to enhance early learning in kids.

  1. Take advantage of the online templates in Renzulli. These lessons are ready to go and available for different age groups. Select the level that is most appropriate for the ability of your selected classroom or small group lesson.
  2. Make logins simple. I use their first and last name together for uniformity.
  3. Keep passwords simple. Use the same word for easy recognition & memory.
  4. Use incentives for successful logins and navigating the website properly.
  5. Ways to respond to lessons – give choices!
    • Draw a picture
    • Write in your Renzulli Journal (teacher can respond)
    • Students post on the online class message board through My Groups
  6. Don’t give up! It takes initial time & effort, but the rewards are worth it.
  7. Keep practicing and set goals. Students have an amazing ability to grow.
The Assignment Template 10 Renzulli Games to Bust the Boredom Blues is a fun and easy way to kick off using Assignments or to provide for students on break or even over the summer!