Bad Link?? Report It!

Did you get an “OOPS Bad Link” error?  Or perhaps landed on a page that does not match the description in Renzulli Learning?  “Report It!”

We have made great strides in removing bad links from the Renzulli Learning database, however, the Internet changes daily and links may go down temporarily or sometimes, for good.  Teachers and students are encouraged to report bad links to us as you come across them, which will enable us to better keep the enrichment activities database fresh and current. Our Curation Team will assess the situation to verify if the link address has changed or if indeed the site is simply “gone,” in which case we will work to find a replacement for the activity.

Another reason to “Report It!” is if you arrive at a site and it “Does not match the description” in Renzulli Learning.  At times, Internet addresses are acquired by new entities and this may cause a discrepancy between what we have entered in the database and what is now the reality. Occasionally, you may find content that you believe should not be available to younger students. In this case, you can select, “Inappropriate content for grade level” and we will analyze the site carefully.

Our Curation Team makes every effort to keep the Enrichment Database free of paid-subscription-based sites. At times, however, a site that started out as “free” becomes a paid subscription later. If you find one of these, select “Requires paid subscription,” and we will remove the site from the database. This is not to be confused with “Requires account registration,” which we will mark in the database but leave available for users to decide whether or not they want to register. Often it is very useful to register for a site because it will keep track of progress for you. We encourage students to bring it to an adult’s attention before moving forward with any such registrations.

Please discourage your students from using “Report It!” unnecessarily or reporting sites sarcastically. Repeated reports of this nature will result in our team bringing this to the teacher’s attention, and if necessary, restricting access to the system for a to-be-determined time period. Thank you for your support in keeping this function effective and useful for our users.

We hope that you will find the “Report It!” function effective and thank you in advance for helping us to keep the Renzulli Learning Enrichment Activities Database fresh & current for all of our users!