University Partnership Program

Renzulli Learning has worked with universities around the globe to bring the methodologies of Joe Renzulli and the power of the Renzulli Learning system into the hands of their educational students.  We are delighted to partner with accredited schools of education to provide free access to our system and online training for teacher certification candidates.

Participating institutions are provided with Teacher licenses for each student teacher for the duration of their student teaching experience, along with licenses for each student they instruct.  We will provide online demonstrations and training in Renzulli teaching methods and the Renzulli Learning system upon request.

ENRICHMENT FOR ALL STUDENTS: A Free On-Demand Course for You!

Renzulli Learning takes the foundational methods of SEM and enables teachers to put it into practice in the classroom, every day. This free course will prepare you to utilize SEM and Renzulli Learning the most efficiently and effectively. Users who complete the entire course successfully will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Connecticut worth 9 professional development contact hours. As an added bonus, your 30 day free trial, includes access to the Enrichment for All Students: From Foundational Methods to Practical Strategies course

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