Sharing Best Practices: eBooks and Journals

This week’s Best Practice comes from Keli Townsend, Ed.D., Lead Writing Teacher from Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL.

One of my favorite tools in Renzulli Learning is the student journal. Assigning reading journals in Renzulli Learning will help students process their experience with reading. The best part is that teachers can read, communicate and enjoy each of their students’ writing virtually.

In My Enrichment Activities, students can explore thousands of books, including ebooks! Especially in our current climate, Renzulli Learning is here to connect your students to ebooks to spark their passions and interests.

Where is the student journal?

On your dashboard, upper right-hand section.

Click, write and Save!

Once your student has opened their journal they are able to compose a response. Students can change the font, size, and style of their writing. You may want to have students write out the prompt or question they are responding to, prior to completing the rest of their entry.

Check out this list of Awesome E-Books in the Enrichment Database:

  • Lit2go – Classic Literature
  • Turning the Pages – British Museum
  • Room Recess – (Fiction/Non-Fiction) This site offers the Lexile level, word count, a printable version of the story, story questions and a vocabulary activity.
  • Storyline Online – Stories read by members of the Screen Actors Guild

How do I find these books?

Just add the keyword into your search engine. On your dashboard, upper right side. Need more help searching?

Teacher Helpful Hint: Using eBooks
Student Tutorial Video: eBooks & Journals

Using the Inbox

Inbox Messaging is one easy way to send your students a Reading Response to complete. Here you can select students individually or by groups you have created.

Teacher Helpful Hint: Inbox/Journals

Teachers, finding your Student’s Journal in the Teacher Dashboard is easy!

Go to My Student, My Roster, choose Journal from the drop-down menu:

Teachers, if you are looking for prompts for your students to answer in their reading journals, click the link below to access the Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Reading (SEM-R) Resources from the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development.

Check out these great Literary Tic Tac Toe Boards for more inspiration for your students’ journals.

Poetry Tic Tac ToeFiction Reading Tic Tac Toe

Happy Reading and Journaling!