Join or Launch a Global Summer Enrichment Group!

Join our GLOBAL Summer Enrichment Groups and connect with teachers and students from across the globe. Launch from a Super Starter Project or students can design projects and connect with like-minded peers who share common interests. We have several new Super Starter Projects available now to support your students in processing the ongoing world events that have affected us globally. Global Summer Enrichment Groups can lead up to a Renzulli Virtual Expo where students can share their creative products!

View the Global Groups that are available from the Teacher Site under Groups/Global Groups, click the Yellow Join a Global Group button. Perhaps there is a Global Group you would like to initiate. Looking for help getting started with Global Groups? Contact us at [email protected]!

Check out some of our favorite Super Starter Projects for Summer Engagement!

Cool Characters
In this project you will learn about characters in stories. You will discover that a character can be a person, animal, or other creature. You will keep notes in a journal as you learn to pick out the characters in stories and to describe them with adjectives. Your final product will challenge you to choose two characters from the same story and write down five adjectives to describe each one. Then you can draw your characters, and add a background to show where they are and what they are doing, or you can turn them into puppets. If you choose to draw your characters, you will have the option of submitting your work for publication in a magazine.

Awesome ABCs – Based on any topic of interest!
The focus of this project is for you to illustrate and write your own ABC book. First, you need to take a look at several good books that illustrate the alphabet. Next you can brainstorm and choose a theme—such as animals or sports—for your own book. Then make the book! Use your artistic ability to illustrate each letter with something whose name begins with that letter, and then you may write about your pictures.

An Animal’s Habitat
Learn how important an appropriate habitat is to the survival of any animal. You will choose and read about a specific animal. You will need to find out where it lives, what it eats, whether it is endangered, and all about its habitat. Then create a diorama of its habitat, or use your artistic ability to draw or paint your animal in its environment, to show others how your animal lives.

Discover Ancient Greece and Rome
Complete this project to acquaint yourself with Ancient Greece and Rome. You will locate the modern country and city, and then learn what they were like long ago. Visit them virtually and explore their buildings and beliefs. As a final product, you might want to create maps of Ancient Greece and Rome, or you might make a poster showing how they were alike, different, using pictures to make it more interesting.

Create a Bridge
The focus of this project is the engineering and architecture of bridges around the world. You will learn about the four main types of bridges, where they have been built, and how they differ. Find out what tension and compression have to do with bridge design and construction. Then practice by building a virtual bridge online. For your product, you will have the opportunity to design and build a model bridge using given criteria, or to create a replica of a famous bridge.

In this project you are going to learn about biomes. You will research the climate, location, geography, vegetation, and animals of each of the major biomes of the world. Then discover what happens when the equilibrium of any given biome is disrupted by change. Your product options at the end of this project will be a travel brochure enticing people to visit a chosen biome; a letter to the editor of a selected newspaper about environmental issues facing your chosen biome; or an essay about those environmental issues, to be submitted to a writing contest, a school newspaper, or local newspaper.

Create a Robot
Complete this project to learn about robots and robotics. Find out how robots move, sense, and “think”. Read about uses of robots, and about why those applications are suitable for robots. You will have the opportunity to virtually design your own robot for a particular purpose. If you prefer hands-on work, you can build a simple robot as your end product, or you can choose to use your imagination to design and draw one on paper. If you choose to build a robot, you can enter it in a competition.

City of the Future
Complete this project to learn how cities and societies change. You will choose a city and study its past, so that you can compare this to its present. While researching, keeping a notebook about the changes that have taken place in this city over the past 100 years. Find out how such things as transportation, architecture, and the needs of people have changed. Then imagine what this city might become in the future. You can paint or draw your vision, build a three-dimensional model, or design a city with a computer. You also have the option of entering a future city engineering competition.


Create Your Own! Have something you are passionate about? Create your own Project in the Project Wizard.

The Global Groups are a wonderful way to engage students in summer enrichment as they dive into Project Based Learning. PBL provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in authentic learning experiences while developing their creative and critical thinking, resulting in a short project that may actually end up being something that they choose to pursue in more depth. The Renzulli Learning Project Wizard enables students to independently embark on PBL, whether through a Type III Passion Project or a Super Starter Project.

Through a Global Group, students will be able to collaborate with like-minded peers, sharing resources and insights as they pursue their research, and then be able to view each other’s work throughout the process. They will all share their final creative products in a Renzulli Virtual Expo!