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Renzulli Learning has recently added even more amazing resources from National Geographic and National Geographic Kids! Students of all ages and interest areas will find amazing content to read, watch, and play with. Dive deep – from the ocean to the solar system – and explore topics like habitats, animals, geography, history, the environment, planets, and even current events as they are happening around us!

For videos and activities for all ages, check out National Geographic and National Geographic Kids resources right in our Renzulli Learning Database! There is an adventure for everyone!

During School Closures, National Geographic is offering [email protected]: Inspiring Family Exploration.

At home for a while with your kids? Don’t want their brains to go stale? We’ve got you covered. Here are quizzes, videos, science experiments, and even at-home classroom resources.

For more great resources pulled from the RL Enrichment Database, check out these grade level examples:

Animals Quiz- National Geographic Kids

How much do you know about the animal kingdom? This brain-stretching quiz will test your animal smarts! Let’s start.
National Geographic Kids: Animals Quiz


Barry the bald eagle arrives in the country’s biggest state, Alaska, to hang with his friend MC Will the willow ptarmigan. Flying over glaciers is supercool, but they better watch out for the volcanoes! Check out the other states too!
National Geographic Kids: 50 birds, 50 States – Alaska

An Island on the Brink of Collapse Makes a Huge Comeback

Mbarouk teamed up with Jeff Schnurr, a young Canadian treeplanter living in Tanzania. Schnurr’s knowledge and Mbarouk’s connections with Kokotans mobilized local residents to use innovative solutions to counter the effects of climate change. Kokota: The Islet of Hope is a celebration of ingenuity and one community’s effort to reforest their island to adapt to a warming climate.
National Geographic: An Island on the Brink of Collapse Makes a Huge Comeback

Epic Battle of the Bugs: See How the Hercules Beetle Got Its Name

With the ability of some species to lift up to 850 times their own weight, it’s no wonder these powerful, horned insects are known as Hercules beetles. Beyond extraordinary strength, male Hercules beetles are also known for their intense fights over mating rights.
National Geographic – Epic Battle of the Bugs: See How the Hercules Beetle Got Its Name

National Geographic: The Mayan Story of Creation

Watch this video and learn about the ancient Mayan perception of creation as Morgan Freeman participates in a traditional Mayan ceremony and explores the ruins of Tikal.
National Geographic: The Mayan Story of Creation

Amazing Drone Footage of Nubian Pyramids

Armed with a remotely operated mini­-helicopter, National Geographic engineer AlanTurchik gets a bird’s­-eye view of 3,000-­year-­old royal burial chambers. The unique perspective is helping to unravel ancient Nubian mysteries.
National Geographic: Amazing Drone Footage of Numbian Pyramids

Crashing Into Saturn: This Cassini Mission Is the Most Epic Yet

In this stunning animation, watch NASA’s Cassini spacecraft begin the last chapter of its 20-year mission to Saturn. Diving deeper into Saturn’s rings than ever before, scientists hope that the data from Cassini’s final orbits will help to improve our understanding of the giant ringed planet. The probe’s last act will be to plunge itself into the planet’s atmosphere, where it will burn up and become part of the planet itself.
National Geographic: Crashing into Saturn: This Cassini Mission is the Most Epic Yet

This Guy Is Making Furniture and Buildings out of Your Trash

Look around. How many objects in your vicinity contain recycled material? Probably none. Engineer and 2016 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Arthur Huang is trying to change this by designing from trash new materials that can be used to make furniture, buildings, and even airplanes. Huang takes the stage to share his passion for sustainability, the challenges of reusing waste, and his incredible work pioneering new materials to give our trash a second life.
National Geographic: This Guy Is Making Furniture and Buildings out of Your Trash

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