Connecting Globally with Global Collaboration

As we consider twenty-first century learning skills, several concepts come immediately to mind – collaboration, communication, and connecting with our broader global community. The Renzulli Learning Global Collaboration feature enables students to develop these skills and many more, organically.

What exactly do we mean when we say “Global Collaboration?” Within Renzulli Learning, you may have noticed that the “Groups” function now has its own special place on the main menu navigation, and its submenus are Local Groups and Global Collaboration.


Local Groups
  • Local Groups are the groups that you make for yourself and your students.
  • You can design a group using Profiler Data or set up your own Custom Groups.
  • You can still make Basic Groups which you can use for your own administrative tasks such
    as assigning work to students, as well as Collaborative Groups where students share a message
    board and can work on Projects and Assignments together.
  • You are able to Invite Teachers from your school to work with you in a Local Group.
Global Groups

Global Groups act much the same way, however they enable you to connect with Teachers and Students across your district, state, the United States, and around the globe! When you create a Global Group you set the following parameters so that other teachers will understand what the group is intended for:

  • Language for group
  • Grade Level(s)
  • Subject area
  • Anticipated Timeline
  • Detailed Description – Describe your purpose and goal for this collaborative group in order to invite other schools to join you.

Both types of groups now include a Teacher Chat board, so you can keep your communications attached to the group, without the need to go digging through emails.

You may find a partner in Turkey, Spain, Italy, Brazil, or even Australia! We have English speaking schools from all over the world who are eager to connect with schools in the United States and other English speaking countries. That being said, two schools that both speak the same language other than English can also partner up! There is no limit to how many teachers can join a Global Group, only what the lead teacher wants to pursue in partnerships. You can Open the group to new partners and Close it back up whenever you’d like.

Student Tutorial for Using Groups


Special Global Groups: COVID-19

Now more than ever, our world is in need of connecting across borders. We are offering special Global Groups to help students understand and process the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as connect with students from around the world to see that we are all going through similar experiences. There are two groups being formed right now, one for grades 5-8, Processing a Pandemic: COVID-19 and Beyond, and one for grades 3-6, COVID-19 A Global Pandemic, both based on age appropriate Super Starter Projects which are available to you whether or not you choose to join a collaborative group. If you would like to start a group for high school students or have an idea for a primary grades group, please reach out to Jeannie Pascon at [email protected]

We want to thank our own collaborative group of teachers who have helped us to build these projects: our own Content Coordinator, Brittany Motes; Sarah Young from Smithville School District, MO; Rebekah Keur from Paradise Valley USD, AZ; Christine Hamp from Pinellas County Schools, FL; Susan Beebe from Polk County Public Schools, FL; and Julie Ledford from Fort Worth ISD, TX. We enjoyed collaborating with you all and are looking forward to watching the magic as your students begin their projects!

Super Starter for Grades 3-5
I am Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 spread across the world, life came to a standstill.  Schools have closed. Unless your parents are “essential” workers, they are probably working from home, if at all. You may not be able to get your favorite foods from the store whenever you want and toilet paper is really hard to come by.

This project will help you examine the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your community and society as a whole.  You can choose to create a product that focuses your exploration in the area that you are most interested in.

Super Starter for Grades 6-12
COVID-19: A Global Pandemic

In the year 2020, life as we know it has come to a standstill around the world. Schools and businesses have shut their doors, people have to stand in line to enter the grocery store and wear masks if within six feet of each other. Even toilet paper is a rare commodity.

Through this project, you will consider the many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your community and society as a whole. Consider public health, employment, government, travel, and how we celebrate our life events.

Check out the available Global Groups already being shared on our Global Groups bulletin board. Go to Groups/Global Collaboration and click the yellow button, Join a Global Group. See one you like? Click “Send Request!” Have an idea for one you’d like to create? Click “Create New Group!”

Please share your stories with us and share highlights and photos on social media! #RLGlobalGroups. You can also email us at [email protected] we are eager to hear about your experiences with Global Collaboration, as well as your feedback on the functionality of the technology and ease of use.