Welcome to the Renzulli Learning Professional Development Blog! We will be bringing you up to date news on new features and content, as well as hints & tips for using Renzulli Learning more efficiently & effectively in your classroom.

While using Renzulli Learning for 10 years in my gifted pull-out program, I often considered how different my instructional environment would’ve been if I’d had access to such a tool when I was teaching in a 4th grade regular classroom. What a gift for schools that are able to offer it to all teachers for their full classes! The reason it was developed was to bring personalized learning, enrichment & differentiation to all students, saving teachers time and effort of locating and curating the sources themselves, while knowing that their students were in a safe-search environment. Renzulli Learning brings instructional methods typically reserved for “gifted” students to all students, such as interest-based/problem-based learning, critical thinking skills, and creativity assessment & development. The curricular back-end provides teachers with a vast selection of Unit Supplements, modifiable Assignment Templates, and the powerful Lesson function which differentiates the content for each student based on their Profiler results. Additionally, teachers can leverage the power of their students’ interest areas, learning styles, and expression styles for flexible grouping within the classroom. It can truly transform your instructional environment!

It is sincerely my honor and privilege to be working with Joe, Sally, Mike, and the rest of the Renzulli Learning team to bring this sensational, personalized learning tool to you and your students. We are fully committed to the continuous improvement of the Renzulli Learning platform and our ears are open to your critical feedback – both positive and negative. Please do not hesitate to be in touch directly if I can be of service to you, at [email protected] or on Twitter @JeanniePascon.

Warmest Regards,
Jeanne N. Pascon
Director of Professional Development and Client Support