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March is Women’s History Month

How can Renzulli Learning help you and your students celebrate Women’s History Month? From historical figures like Rosa Parks to modern day heroines like Malala, celebrate all that women have accomplished!
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Renzulli Partnership with Sparkitivity:

Renzulli Learning is delighted to announce a partnership with Sparkitivity. Sparkitivity is working toward a world in which all people know their present possibility as creative thinkers. Renzulli Learning is excited to include creativity development and training content from Sparkitivity for its subscribers. Sparkitivity professional development workshops are designed to give teachers easy, integrated strategies that activate student strengths so they can do their best work.

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Tip of the Month:
Managing Computers in the Classroom

How can we keep students on task when they have a window open to the entire world of knowledge and entertainment in front of them? Devices in the classroom can be amazing but, alas, can also be a major distraction.

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computers in the classroom

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Sharing Best Practices:
Build Schema with Differentiated Lessons

a new topic using the New Lesson function on the Teach Tab to excite
and engage your students with personalized, differentiated resources.
Customize your search using the “Create Your Own” option!

Requesting Best Practices

you a Renzulli Learning super-teacher-user? We’d love to share your
Best Practices with other Renzulli Teachers! Please send an email to our
Director of Professional Development, Jeanne Pascon at [email protected],
with a paragraph or two, a photo if you’d like (with parental
permission for students shown), and any applicable links to content or
products created.

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21st Century Skills:

How can you train your students for a world that doesn’t exist yet?

Renzulli Learning can help schools to develop 21st Century Learning Skills for their students. We live in a rapidly developing, global digital society. Using Renzulli Learning in your classroom supports the development of 21st Century Learning skills every day. Increase your students’ communication and collaboration skills using flexible groups and the Renzulli SafeBook message board. Assess your students’ Creativity skills with the Cebeci Test of Creativity and then dive deep into the Creativity Training activities. Engage students in problem solving through the Critical Thinking resources and by embarking on Type III Independent Investigations of real world problems in the Wizard Project Maker.
These skills, “…will serve young people no matter how their jobs evolve with new technologies.”

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The Identification and Development of Giftedness as a Paradigm for School Reform

There are no quick fixes or easy formulas for transforming schools into places where talent development is valued and vigorously pursued. Our experience has shown, however, that once the concept of talent development catches on, students, parents, teachers, and administrators begin to view their school in a different way. Students become more excited and engaged in what they are learning; parents find more opportunities to become involved in all aspects related to their children’s learning, rather than “around the edges” activities; teachers begin to find and use a variety of resources that, until now, seldom found their way into classrooms; and administrators start to make decisions that affect learning rather than “tight ship” efficiency.
     – Joseph Renzulli, PhD

Read more from Joe’s Paul F-Brandwein Lecture at the 1999 National Science Teachers Association convention.

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Three Summers at UCONN:

The UConn Three Summers is where talent development, creativity, and gifted education meet. Consider taking a class, completing a certificate, or starting your master’s program.

  • Register for a course in Talent Development, Gifted Education, or Creativity with Sally Reis, E. Jean Gubbins, Sue Baum, Catherine Little, or Del Siegle this summer
  • Dates: June 23 – July 6, 2019 – Apply by April 1
  • Spend a week or two on the UConn campus in the summer taking a class, and stay for Confratute right after
  • Educators can earn a graduate degree or professional diploma part-time during the summer with this hybrid program

Experience the best of gifted education and talent development with renowned faculty and students from across the globe.

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