Renzulli Learning + Sparkitivity = Creativity in your Classroom

Are you looking for ways to assess and develop Creativity in your students? Creativity has a prominent place in Renzulli’s Three Rings of Giftedness, yet it is often overlooked in both assessment and in classrooms. The Cebeci Test of Creativity takes care of the assessment. So what’s next? Renzulli Learning’s Enrichment Database includes Creativity Training resources to use with your students, including Joe Renzulli’s New Directions in Creativity series.  Additionally, Renzulli Learning is delighted to announce a partnership with Sparkitivity to bring even more creativity content and training to our users.

Sparkitivity is working toward a world in which all people know their present possibility as creative thinkers. Backed by the science of creativity, Kathryn P. Haydon, MSc, founder of Sparkitivity, speaks about nurturing creative strengths from cradle through career. Kathryn works with teachers to integrate rigorous creative thinking and problem solving skills throughout academic content. An award-winning educator, she writes and speaks widely on creative learning and the secret strengths of outlier learners. Renzulli Learning is excited to include creativity development and training content from Sparkitivity for its subscribers. The list below includes examples of Kathryn’s writings that will be included in Renzulli Learning.

Sparkitivity Professional Development workshops are designed to give teachers easy, integrated strategies that activate student strengths so they can do their best work.  Kathryn’s action-oriented talks unlock the power of personal and team innovation. Beyond fleeting inspiration, your audience applies the ideas during the event so that when it’s over they are already inspired into action.

When you book Sparkitivity Professional Development with Renzulli Learning, you not only get an amazingly creative and engaging professional development day for your staff, but you also gain ongoing access to Sparkitivity’s full suite of teacher resources and lesson plans. These resources have been developed over two decades in classrooms worldwide and in Sparkitivity’s Ignite Creative Learning Studio laboratory.

Knowing our strengths helps us use them as stepping stones to productivity and progress at work, school, and in life.
Kathryn P. Haydon, Sparkitivity Founder

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