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Creativity Assessment and Creativity Development

21st Century Learning Skills acknowledge that creativity is one of the most important goals in education, career planning, and the traits sought by employers in all walks of life. The measurement of human creative ability, however, is expensive and time consuming because the most widely used assessment instruments are paper based and scored manually.

The Cebeci Test of Creativity (CTC) is a digital creativity assessment of the four creative domains, which include: fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. The CTC is the world’s only digital creativity assessment, which is scored dynamically.

The Renzulli Learning System includes a personalized strength and interest-based profile for each person taking the CTC and a wide range of creativity development activities. The CTC and Renzulli Learning provide a complete solution for creativity assessment and development. The system’s dynamic database design enables deployment in any language, and can help all students, across the globe, to develop this necessary 21st century skills.

Included with Renzulli Learning at no additional expense. The CTC provides schools with an easy and cost-effective creativity assessment solution.

** The CTC, which is currently in Beta, is included with Renzulli Learning, at no additional cost.

Why measure creativity?

What are the practical benefits of knowing which students are most creative and in what areas?

Increasingly, across the globe, educators and citizens recognize the need for creative solutions to the problems that exist in our society.  Indeed, there may be no more important task than generating creative ideas and finding creative solutions. Managers do not understand which of their employees have the most potential for creative ideas. Teachers may not know how to recognize students with potential for creativity. Universal screening for creative potential enables more opportunities for creative work in work, schools, and at home.

The Cebeci Test of Creativity is currently in Beta. If any schools are interested in taking the CTC please fill out the form.

The CTC was developed in partnership with  Dr. Selcuk Acar and Dr. Nur Cayirdag of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY-Buffalo.

Dr. Acar is a tough leader in the field of Creativity Assessment and is the lead researcher of the CTC and he is conducting reliability and validity studies of instrument.

Dr. Cayirdag of the of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY-Buffalo will also be also contribute on scientific research and publishing articles on the CTC.