Grouping and Reporting Tools

Grouping and reporting tools for teachers enhance Renzulli Learning’s strengths-based, personalized learning experience. In addition to enabling grouping and reporting based on the same strengths, interests, and learning and expression styles determined by the Renzulli Learning Profiler, Renzulli Learning makes it easy for teachers to create custom groups that enable online teacher–student collaboration.

The Renzulli Reports: a series of management tools for teachers, administrators and parents, designed to help follow individual students’ learning progression, analyze group usage patterns, and formulate lesson plans and classroom organization

Renzulli Learning grouping options provide numerous other benefits:
  • Grouping based on Renzulli Profiler data — as opposed to competency-based exam results — helps teachers bolster student self-esteem, which improves performance.
  • Grouping students by class period enables easier distribution of assignments or lessons.
  • Collaborative groups allow students to work together on projects or assignments and share ideas on the message board.
With Renzulli Learning’s reporting tools, teachers can:
  • Create reports based on students’ interests, expression styles, and learning styles
  • Keep track of students’ progress with a Live Student Activity Ticker
Managers can use Renzulli Learning reports to:
  • Graph the top three interest areas, learning styles, and expression styles of an entire school
  • Monitor weekly and monthly Renzulli Learning use
  • Access school or district information, including profile completion, assignment creation, and lesson completion
  • Pull detailed reports showing the number of assignments connected with individual students and teachers
  • Learn what the preferred method of differentiating is at a district or school
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