Houston ISD: The First to Launch A Virtual Expo in Renzulli Learning!

Tia N. Locke-Simmons, Director, Gifted and Talented Education in Houston ISD, needed a solution for the Expo that they have every year. She needed to be able to give her students a platform to create and showcase their projects for the end of this school year and have an authentic audience. Renzulli Learning embraced her challenge, collaborated, and executed a virtual platform that displays their scholars’ products.

As a result of this collaboration the Renzulli Learning Project Management System now includes a powerful presentation environment which can be used to showcase student creative work and provide an immediate authentic audience. The platform includes an image of each student’s video summary or photo essay of their project and can be used as a collaborative remote learning event venue to host virtual fairs, contests, projects of the week, and projects of the month.

“We are excited to launch a virtual platform to showcase HISD GT scholars and their work. This Virtual GT Expo is a landmark opportunity to display our scholars’ extended and independent investigative work in their respective fields of inquiry and interest.”

Tia N. Locke-Simmons, Director, Gifted and Talented Education
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