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Summer Slide Article

PBS Nova: How to Minimize Summer Slide

often have we heard it? Students can fall backwards in achievement over
the summer months. Research, in fact, backs up this theory. How can you
help to combat it for the students leaving your classroom this summer?
After reading the PBS Nova article, scroll down for this month’s Best
Practice Sharing and our Content Highlight!

Some reports state that students can
lose two to three months of academic progress if they don’t stay engaged
in their learning over summer vacation. The good news is that studies
suggest summer slide can be minimized or even reversed through programs
that engage students, parents, and teachers while school is out.
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  Sharing Best Practices
Summer Slide.png Avoid the Summer Slide!

This month’s Best Practice comes from our Director of Professional Development and Client Support, Jeanne Pascon, M.Ed.

Looking to avoid that “Summer Slide” for your students? Look no further than Renzulli Learning for engaging, enriching ideas! Students can “Type I” explore the Enrichment Activities Database on their own or you can use the “Summer… Stop the Slide” Assignment Templates to send out work to them before you grab your flip-flops and run off to your own summer adventures!

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Requesting Best Practices!
Are you a Renzulli Learning super-user-teacher? We’d love to share your Best Practices with other Renzulli Teachers!  Please send an email to our Director of Professional Development, Jeanne Pascon, at [email protected] with a paragraph or two, a photo if you’d like (with parental permission for students shown), and any applicable links to content or
products created.

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Content Highlight

ACT Academy: Stop the Summer Slide

ACT Academy provides teachers with fabulous tools to help Stop the Summer Slide! Look for these resources by searching the Renzulli Learning Enrichment Database from the Teacher or Student Sites using the exact phrase “ACT Academy” or try “Summer Slide.”

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Tip of the Month
New School Year Transition – Ready for it?
You are counting down the days til summer and the last thing you want to think about is your fall roster, right? But come August, you will want to remember where to find this information!

If your school has a software roster management system such as Clever or ClassLink, the transition should be seamless for you. If not, someone in your school or district needs to initiate the New School Year transition process. 

Click here for more details!
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Confratute Blog

Article By: Joe Renzulli
I think our time has come! Endless reports about what business and industry are looking for in young people to get on the fast track for top level jobs are exactly the kinds of things we have been talking about at Confratute for the past four decades. With dramatic changes in technology advancing at an astonishing pace, tomorrow’s workplace will be unrecognizable and constantly changing. Learning-how-to-learn is going to be a lifelong requirement for our most successful young people who are prepared with the tools our workplaces are looking for such as: creativity, thinking skills, entrepreneurship, communication, innovation, collaboration, planning, optimism, empathy, and other executive function skills.Most important, it is not just learning these skills, but providing young people with opportunities to apply these skills to real world problems in their areas of passion and interest that makes the biggest impact. Our focus at Confratute is showing how our “brand” of learning differs from the test-prep approaches that other school reformers are talking about. We hope you can join us to learn about this brand, focused on developing the gifts and talents of all students and providing talent development opportunities in all schools.Read more of the Confra-Blogs from the Confratute team!:

Register for Confratute:
catcat.JPG CatCat
Check out “True Creativity! Exploring a broad range of Solutions” by Joseph Renzulli on CatCat.

“I have spent five decades studying and writing about creativity. While
the field continues to progress, very much of what was written 40-50
years ago remains completely relevant today. I have curated this path
for you to dive deep into what creativity is, how to develop it, assess
it, and considering creativity in very special groups of people. Enjoy
your exploration as you dive in and consider your own creativity!”

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