Getting Started

What is Renzulli Learning?

Get your kids excited to start using Renzulli Learning with any or all of the following options:

Registering Students

Renzulli Learning has 3 options for Registering Students if it is not completed by the school / district:

 Option 1

Integrate with your Single Sign-On Service

We integrate with Clever, ClassLink, GG4L – and more! Call us to integrate – 203-680-8301

For Google Sign-In, you must register students as detailed in options 2 or 3 with their Google Username.

Option 2

User Templates for Students and Teachers
  1. Complete your templates
  2. Email them to [email protected]
  3. We will upload them for you!

Template to Upload Teachers
Template to Upload Students

Option 3

Register a few students by hand

You have the option to manually register students through the teacher site.

If you have a lot of students, fill out the template and we will upload them for you!

Logging Students In and Taking the Profiler

Student Help: Logging In (coming soon!)
Student Help: Taking the Profiler

Please note: Students in Pre-K, K, and Grade 1 are set to automatically Bypass the Profiler, which brings them directly into Renzulli Learning with age-appropriate resources for all Interest Areas, Learning Styles, and Expression Styles. If you wish your Students to take the Profiler, please go to the Teacher Site: My Students/Manage Students to “Unbypass” the Profiler.

Option 2

Google Sign-In

If students were registered with their Google Account Username, they will be able to access Renzulli Learning by clicking the Google Sign in button.

They must be logged into their Google Account or will need to provide their Google Username and Password.

Partnering with Parents

Locate these on the “Resources” tab of the Teacher site:

  • Parent Welcome Letter (Customizable)
  • Parent Quickstart Registration Directions