Special Announcement – COVID-19

School May Be Closed, but the Learning Continues

It is an unprecedented time of uncertainty for schools, teachers, and families around the globe. We understand educators are struggling to find solutions for students to continue their school work remotely. Renzulli Learning has always been an option for students to maintain a connection to school when circumstances prevented them from being in the classroom. Now, more than ever, we want our students, teachers, and administrators to know we are here for you through this challenging time.

If COVID-19 has your school closing its doors and going to “distance learning” – Renzulli Learning will get you through it with ease. Communicate with your students while they experience learning in a dynamic, personalized environment on any assignment or project. We are available to help you plan for the time that your school will be closed and provide solutions to support you while engaging your students so the learning can continue, the fear can be diminished, and children can continue to think, dream, plan, and succeed.

If you are a Renzulli Learning subscriber, you are now able to increase your school’s subscription at no additional cost for the rest of this school year. Please call us today at

+1 (203) 680-8301 and we will make this happen as quickly as possible.

If your school or district is looking for a remote learning solution, please click here to take advantage of using Renzulli Learning at no cost for the rest of the academic year. We are here for you and our Customer Support team will help you every step of the way.

Free Training Available

Take advantage of the Enrichment for All Students Course (EFAS), accessible from your Teacher Dashboard, to enable your colleagues to get up and running right away. Module 1 provides background on Renzulli pedagogy while Modules 2 and 3 contain specific training on the software.

Helpful Hints

Student Tutorial: The Project Wizard & PBL

Student Project Wizard Tutorial

While students are working remotely, there has never been a better time to engage them with a student-driven passion project. The Renzulli Learning Beta Project Wizard is designed to support project based learning with a simple, scaffolded, step by step process.

The Project Wizard will enable students of all ages to easily organize a project, from younger researchers just starting out to high school students completing Capstone Projects. You have options to prepare and assign projects within your curriculum or let students take the wheel!

This tutorial video will help YOU to help THEM. Check it out and launch your students into passion-based Type III Independent Investigations today! Teachers can use the Contact Us feature under the Help Menu to submit feedback on the Beta Project Wizard.

Spotlight on Sources

Secondary Courses to Enrich and Extend Learning Remotely

Renzulli Learning includes personalized edX Courses through our Enrichment Database! Students can explore their own Enrichment Database in “Online Courses and Activities” or go to Advanced Search and type in “edx”. Try adding a subject such as “edx science” to see what you can find!

These courses are perfect for high school students and even upper-level middle school students. edX requires you to create a separate, free login to sign up. Additional fees may be required if you want to obtain college credit upon successful completion of the course.

Sharing Showcase

Remote Learning Inspiration

In Case You Missed It! This month we are sharing all of our prior Best Practices from amazing Renzulli Learning educators. We hope you find something to inspire you as you embrace remote learning for your students!

Requesting Best Practices!

Have you tried something new in Renzulli Learning that went well with your students? We’d love to share your Best Practices with other Renzulli Teachers! Please send an email to our Director of Professional Development, Jeanne Pascon at [email protected], with a paragraph or two, a photo or short video if you’d like (with parental permission for students shown), and any applicable links to content or products created.

Teaching Tips

Women’s History Month

Valiant Women of the Vote

Here’s a remote learning idea! Teachers can learn how to work with Search, Assignments, and Groups, while preparing to celebrate Women’s History Month with your students, either face to face or via distance learning. The 2020 Women’s History Theme is Valiant Women of the Vote.

From the Women’s History Month website:

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.


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