The Renzulli Learning System

Renzulli Learning is an interactive online system that provides a personalized learning environment for students, resulting in increased engagement and higher academic performance.

The system quickly identifies student academic strength areas, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression, and then matches each student with thousands of personalized, high interest, engaging educational activities and resources. Renzulli Learning enables teachers to easily differentiate instruction and increase student motivation.

Research shows that Renzulli Learning Benefits All Students including:
Introduction to Renzulli Learning

Renzulli Learning supports the development of 21st Century Learning Skills for all students, including: communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. The system has been used by millions of students across the globe, consistently increasing engagement which research demonstrates will lead to higher achievement.

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Many social and emotional challenges faced by gifted and talented students can be resolved with support, specific pedagogy, and knowledge and understanding of their special needs. We are delighted to announce the SENG partnership with Renzulli Learning and believe that the engagement and enrichment that is our educational focus can provide the kinds of challenge and engagement that these students need to develop their interests and gifts. We know that Renzulli Learning, used effectively, will help to prevent and reverse underachievement and enable students to thrive and achieve in school.

Joseph S. Renzulli and Sally M. Reis