21st Century Learning Skills

According to the McKinsey Global Institute Report, more than 800 Million Jobs globally are threatened to be replaced by automation by 2030.

We live in a rapidly developing, global digital society. Renzulli Learning supports the development of 21st Century Learning skills in your classroom every day. Increase your students’ communication and collaboration skills, as well as their problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Teachers use the Renzulli Learning Enrichment Database of child-friendly, online resources that have been hand-curated by our educational experts. The Renzulli Enrichment Database includes a broad variety of critical thinking and problem solving activities. Teachers can create assignments using the available resources that are based on students’ interests, learning styles, and expression styles to promote and assess critical thinking skills. Renzulli Learning provides a wide array of curriculum templates to get you started.

Problem Based Learning increases student engagement through self-directed research, within your curriculum or driven by student interest, either independently or through collaborative learning groups. Teachers can use PBL in Renzulli Learning to provide students with deeper opportunities for critical thinking and analysis, as well as cross-discipline and real-world problem solving.

Communication and Collaboration Skills

Renzulli Learning builds collaboration skills through the use of Collaborative Groups. Collaborative Groups can improve students’ social skills and helps students learn to work together for success in a team setting, developing respect for other people’s ideas as well as leadership and group decision making skills. Students use their individual talents within groups to find solutions to questions and reach common goals.

Global Collaboration offers teachers the opportunity to connect students with peers around the globe in order to collaborate on common pursuits, integrating 21st Century Learning Skills all along the way!

Creative Thinking Skills

The Creativity Training category in the Enrichment Database enables students to develop their creative thinking skills by focusing on the creativity domains of fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. Teachers can build environments that encourage creative expression by assigning activities based on a student’s interests and emphasizing the importance of creative contributions.

When combined with the Cebeci Test of Creativity (CTC), the Creativity Training activities become your solution for creativity development in the classroom. Schools are able to assess students’ creativity within the four creativity domains, and then direct students to the appropriate resources.

Is Your School or Classroom 21st Century?

20th Century Learning
21st Century Learning


Textbook Driven Research Driven
Memorization of Facts Students’ Analysis, Evaluation, and Creation of Information
Teacher-Centered Student-Centered
Little or No Freedom Great Deal of Freedom
Individual Learning Students Work Collaboratively
Students Work in Isolation Students Work with Classmates and Others from Around the World in Global Classrooms

Source: http://www.21stCenturySchools.com/

There is an economic imperative for countries to invest in highly creative, highly motivated, highly reached-oriented young people who are going to create the ideas, inventions, and businesses that improve not just the economic conditions of their nations but also the social, cultural, educational, and even political leadership of their nation. This is a very important responsibility for all people that work with young people.
Joseph S. Renzulli
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