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Renzulli Learning Redesign

We’ve updated the Renzulli Learning Student site, giving it a dynamic look and design. The updated interface has all of the same functionality of Renzulli Learning, with easier navigation. The new interface will facilitate the translation of Renzulli Learning to many languages to increase student engagement in learning across the globe.

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Renzulli ELL Accelerator

The English Language Learning (ELL) Accelerator leverages the proven student achievement principles of Renzulli Learning and applies them to ELL instruction.

Students take the Renzulli Profiler in their native language which then matches the student’s interests, expression styles and learning styles with a vast array of educational activities and resources. Students are matched to a vast array of educational activities and resources based upon their Renzulli Profile results. Students explore, discover, learn and create projects and activities in a safe and easy to use environment.

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Creativity Test and Assessment

The Cebeci Test of Creativity (CTC) and Renzulli Learning System provide the world’s first complete solution for creativity assessment and development. The CTC is the world’s only digital creativity assessment, which is scored by artificial intelligence. The Renzulli Learning system includes a personalized strength and interest based profile for each person taking the test and a wide range of creativity development activities. The system’s dynamic database design enables deployment in any language.

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What’s New:
Coming Soon:
  • OneRoster Integration
  • Enhanced project management with more robust note-taking and citation support
  • Refined student portfolio feature
  • A Global Education Community for sharing and collaboration!
  • Mobile App