Research-Based Learning System

Renzulli Learning is based on more than four decades of research from University of Connecticut professors Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis, leaders in the field of talent development, enrichment, differentiated instruction and curriculum, and gifted and talented education.

Their pioneering research has focused upon talent identification, talent and creativity development in students, as well as organizational models and curricular strategies for total school improvement. Their groundbreaking work includes:

The Three Ring Conception of Giftedness –

Developed by Joseph Renzulli, the Three Ring Conception of Giftedness is a developmental approach that has revolutionized gifted and talented identification. The Three Rings include: Above Average Ability, Creativity and Task Commitment. Students who possess the combination of these three traits exhibit gifted behavior. To achieve their full potential, these students require challenges above and beyond those offered in the regular classroom.

The Enrichment Triad Model –

Developed as an enrichment model to be used with the Three Ring Conception of Giftedness to increase challenge, interest, and engagement for gifted students, the Enrichment Triad Model encourages creative productivity in young people by exposing them to various topics, areas of interest, and fields of study, and training them to apply advanced content, process-training skills, and methodology training to self-selected areas of interest.

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model - Renzulli Learning System

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) –

Developed by Renzulli and Reis, the SEM is widely implemented as an enrichment program used to develop the strengths and talents of all students, and as a program to challenge and engage academically talented students. Schools that implement the SEM use the Enrichment Triad Model to provide enrichment to all students in a school. The SEM produces higher levels of engagement through the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences that are constructed around students’ interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression.

The research on the Three Ring Conception, the Enrichment Triad, and SEM provides the foundation for the Renzulli Learning System, applying the pedagogy of gifted education teaching strategies to benefit all students.